2 Day Driving Crash Course - Ultimate Prep for Driving Tests

Two intensive days of driving lessons aims to cram as much learning as possible into 10 hours behind the wheel. The aim is to build your confidence, skills and to get you test ready quickly. It’s the ideal course for somebody who has recently failed a test and wants to get back in the saddle quickly. It’s also the ideal course for those wishing to be immersed in driving practice and lessons immediately before a test.

Can you take your driving test right after a 2 day crash course of driving lessons?

We can certainly coordinate things so that you book your test to come right after your crash-course. There may be a waiting list at your local test centre and so the timing would all depend upon the availability of a test. Passing the test, on the other hand, requires a lot of skill and practice.

This means that passing the test after the two-day intensive lessons will depend upon how much experience you have when you start the course.

Is 2 days of lessons enough for a complete beginner to pass their driving test?

For most true beginners, 2 full days is insufficient to reach the test standard. You may pick up basic car control and road skills, but more complex aspects like busy roundabouts, parking and manoeuvring take more time to learn and master to test level. We offer a 5 day crash-course for novices and it’s a great way to quickly gain the important skill of driving.

Is a 2 day crash course a good option after failing a test?

Yes, a 2 day intensive serves as an excellent refresher after a failed test. It will help you to build confidence back quickly by getting you driving the car again immediately. Lessons can target those areas that were problematic and your instructor will give you support and feedback to ensure you master those areas before having another test. It’s a great way to get you back to test standard quickly.

How much does a 2 day intensive driving crash course cost?

Our standard 2 day course starts from £367. This includes 10 hours of tuition scheduled over two days, which can be on weekdays, over a weekend or a weekday/weekend combo. Weekends command a premium price, so if you’re flexible to train during weekdays it’ll help you to save money.

Where can you take the 2 day intensive driving course?

Courses can be taken with all of our Approved Driving Instructors at our driving schools around the UK, subject to their availability. Simply choose your preferred location when booking. Your driving instructor will pick you up on both days from a convenient place, such as home, college or work.

What does the 2-day driving course cover?

The course is split into 3 stages that cover all the topics required to pass the driving test. There are 22 items altogether, so a simple calculation shows that each topic has just under 30 minutes. But your driving will have strengths and weaknesses. So your driving instructor will be flexible and spend less time on the topics you are good at and more on those which you most need to improve.

The instructor will assess your abilities from the outset and continue adapting throughout your two day intensive.

Stage 1 Topics

  • Car controls
  • Moving away
  • Stopping
  • Hill starts
  • Turning left
  • Turning right
  • T junctions
  • Crossroads & roundabouts

Successful completion of Stage 1 topics is demonstrated by your ability to complete 4 basic manoeuvres:

  1. Move away under control
  2. Build up your speed to 30 mph using all the gears at the correct time.
  3. Carry out simple left & right turns
  4. Deal with simple T junctions safely

Stage 2 Topics

  • Turn in the road
  • Reverse round a corner
  • Reverse & bay parking
  • Meeting situations
  • Difficult left turns
  • Difficult right turns
  • Difficult T junctions
  • Difficult crossroad’s & roundabouts

Successful completion of Stage 2 topics is demonstrated by your ability to perform the following 7 manoeuvres, without any help from your instructor:

  1. Control the car at slow speeds
  2. Turn the car in the road – often called a 3-point turn
  3. Reverse round a corner
  4. Reverse park under control & accurately
  5. Carry out difficult left & right turns
  6. Deal with difficult T junctions
  7. Use reasonable judgement in meeting situations and emerging from junctions

Stage 3 Topics

  • Emergency Stop & use of mirrors
  • Pedestrian crossings & use of signals
  • Overtaking
  • Dual carriageways
  • Sat nav / independent driving

At the end of this stage you should be able to demonstrate the following 5 skills without any help from your instructor:

  1. Stop the vehicle in an emergency under full control
  2. Deal with pedestrian crossings safely
  3. Show awareness and anticipation when approaching pedestrian crossings and cyclists
  4. Make progress by driving at a speed appropriate to the road conditions
  5. Drive independently and follow directions from a Sat Nav

Is it possible to coordinate driving tests with the intensive course?

Yes, we can book your practical driving test at the test centre of your choice and schedule your two days of intensive driving lessons immediately before your test.

Can you study for the theory test and driving test in just 2 days?

No, 2 days is simply not sufficient time to prepare for both the theory and practical driving test together. The theory test can easily be studied without a car or instructor. A pack including study materials for the theory test is an option when booking the 2-day crash-course.

Is it sensible to book the test right after the 2 day intensive course?

It is perfectly sensible if you are likely to be ready after your two day course. We can advise if this is a wise choice based on your driving experience at the time of booking. Please call for this kind of personalised advice, or use the site chat option to get an answer right away.

Can you use the instructor's car for your test?

Yes, it is advised to use the instructor’s car because you will be very familiar with the it and the way it responds to the controls when you are driving it. 

The fee for the use of the instructor’s car is the same as a driving lesson, as the instructor is unable to work while you are in his or her car!

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